Lost Soul

he fabricates the illusion
that he is in control
building it up with an adamant
will devoid of imagination

what he cannot see in himself
is clearly evident to me
and what is tragic is that
it is not peculiar but commonplace

* * * * *

This poem was written in response to two prompts at Three Word Wednesday, incorporating one using adamant, fabricate, and peculiar, and one using evident, illusion, and tragic.

9 thoughts on “Lost Soul

  1. Your poem brought a Sarah McLachlan song to mind. “Mary” In the refrain she says, “I would be the last to know, I would be the last to let it show…” And I must echo Ruth, we are so very slow to see our own true reality.



  2. gospelwriter, thank you. You said it very well; it is hard to “recognize” those truths about ourselves.

    Elizabeth, thank you. I have a couple of Sarah McLachlan albums, but I don’t think I know that song. Thanks for the tip.

    Stan, I couldn’t agree more. You said it well.

    Gloria, I agree. A lot of people are so caught up in their own self-importance.


  3. earlybird, thanks for stopping by and reading my poem. I had a hard time using just three words. Nothing was coming to me, and then when the next three words got posted, I got inspired.


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